Our Communities

@Filmmkrs and @FilmmakersWorld are two of the largest Instagram communities about filmmaking. Created by two experienced Italian filmmakers, Emanuele Giannini and Nikola Krstic, the goal of these two communities is to share knowledge and be a source of entertainment for anyone passionate about filmmaking.

The followers of both communities cover all the range from the aspiring filmmakers to the top professional ones, with @filmmkrs displaying content more oriented to the former and @filmmakersworld to the latter. This is a strategic feature of the partnership between the two communities, which allows us to reach the most varied pool of professionals from all around the world, namely around 500.000 followers in total.

We are proud to have among our followers important names such as Philip Bloom, Ben Brown, Devin Super Tramp , Shannon Wild, JDBelinski, Chapman Leonard, The ASC, Ty Evans, Jay Holben, Matt Alonzo, Shotover, SpaceCam as well as quite a number of big brands and many other big players of the industry.