Nikola Krstic is a Serbian-born Italian Filmmaker and digital content creator based in Vicenza, Italy. Specializing in Landscape, travel and commercial Photography and Filmmaking, his travel film has been published by some of the most Famous Digital Media agencies such as TripAdivisor, UNILAND and International Tourism Boards. Nikola has worked with many reputable brands including Lexar, PolarPro, Edelkrone, Insta360.

Nikola stumbled upon this career through a hobby that began with a small Canon compact camera when he was still a teenager. Having lived, studied, and worked in different countries and cultures, he found a passion to document the wonderful diversity and vibrance in landscape and people with his camera. That hobby grew over the years and pushed him to invest in fancier and more technologically advanced equipment to sustain his drive for taking more breathtaking photos. Riding the wave of technology, Nikola has adopted latest DSLR cameras and professional cinematography equipment to find newer and better ways to tell stories.

Recently - in 2015 - he opened his own company as a full time photographer & Filmmaker to combine his hobbies of globe-trotting and digital content into a professional career. Nikola now travels around the world to transcend the beauty of nature, motions, and emotions through his lenses.

His ambitions went further with creating a one the worlds Largest Filmmaking community on instagram - @Filmmkrs - with the goal to share knowledge and be a source of entertainment for anyone passionate about filmmaking.

You can follow his journey on Instagram @nickrstic